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Car Carrier Mixed Package


Car Carrier Mixed Package – 2 regular straps and 2 with 18″ chain attachments

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Product Description

Get the best of both worlds. This package includes 2 Car Carrier Straps with 18″ of Chain and 2 Car Carrier Straps without.

The Car Carrier Tie-Down package uses 3/8″ G-7 chain and the highest web rating in the industry. Each strap is ten (10) foot-long and comes with a sliding cordura wear pad. The G-7 cluster is designed with a mini-J hook and R-hook with a delta (triangle) termination to prolong the life of this strap. Included is the color application & warning guide and wear pads. Comes in a set of four (4). The Car Carrier Tie-Down & Securing Package has a limited warranty. * (Complies with Federal Regulations)

WreckMaster’s Carrier Tie-Down and Securing Package is setting the industry standard for securing the casualty on your carrier deck.

Additional Information

Weight 19 lbs

Satisfaction Guarantee

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