about-img-1WreckMaster was created to satisfy the Towing Industry’s desire to be recognized as a skilled trade. In order to accomplish this, an independent third party was required. WreckMaster constructed an educational system to work in the interest of the Public and Vehicle Incident Management. At the same time WreckMaster had to be in tune with the issues facing the operators of today.

Over the last 19 years WreckMaster has built a solid reputation as the towing industry’s seal of excellence. Since 1991 over 23,000 towing operators have chosen WreckMaster as their source for education with in the towing industry.

Our Goal:

To see towing and recovery operators paid in direct proportion to their skill level.

Our Mission Statement:

To earn the right through training to certify the towing and recovery operator.




Through Donnie Cruse’s passion, his vision and his motivation, WreckMaster Inc. has grown and evolved to become the world’s largest training and certification organization worldwide.

“When the water in the harbor rises, all the boats go up, except for the boats anchored to old methods and old beliefs…

about-img-2This was a quote from Donnie’s book, it has a lot of meaning, it opens the door to the fact that we can change the way things are. By our own actions, we can influence the ones around us.

In the early seventies to mid eighties when two brothers and their father began their quest within the towing and recovery industry. It all began at Cruse Heavy Towing in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

A towing company that specialized in heavy recovery, both Donnie and Ken found themselves getting more and more involved with the towing industry. When they would complete a heavy truck wreck they would meet back at the shop and discuss their performance at the scene. They would try to establish a more efficient way of performing that particular task. From those meetings they developed their own in-house training that was organized each weekend for the operators in their fleet. As weeks went by they heard that their mini clinics were getting around to the other towing firms, and before too long they noticed their competitors were peering in with binoculars trying to get in on the action. It didn’t take very long for one of the individuals to approach the fence and ask Ken, “Hey, do you think I can come play too?” Ken’s response to the individual was “Of course, come on in!”

One evening Ken approached Donnie and said to him “Do you remember that guy that came to the class today?” Donnie replied, “Yes he was the tall guy that stood at the back, why?” “Well, that’s been on my mind all afternoon, if one of our competitors was interested enough to come to our yard to learn, then I believe there is real value in this type of training.”

And that’s where it all began!

DC Schools was the first step towards our industry’s first training and certification curriculum. In the mid to late eighties, Donnie Cruse traveled the continent teaching seminars on towing and recovery. He spoke on topics such as weights and resistance, everything from light duty to heavy duty and from snatch blocks to wire rope. Donnie realized that there was too much information to learn in his current class and came up with a theory about splitting the class into sections.

There would be different levels, each requiring the student to focus on their career and profession. Removing the thought that this was a J O B and instilling true value and worth in the minds of our industry’s career operators.

about-img-3WreckMaster Inc. was born.

By 1991 the name was selected and the program was created. It took a few years to develop the curriculum, Donnie had spent many long hours discussing his vision with his wife, Mary Helen Cruse, before asking the local universities and colleges, how to create a training program and what system it should follow.

It was a very unique process building the WreckMaster training program It’s content began with the information found in the USA, Canadian, and British Army manuals, Donnie and Ken’s extensive experience and background in the field of towing and recovery and countless hours of research, developing new techniques and new methods for today’s towing and recovery operator.

In April of 1991 an individual by the name of Terry R. Humelsine became the first WreckMaster graduate. Terry brought a wealth of information to the WreckMaster Program. From that day forth, Donnie, Ken and Terry continued to build what you know today as: TEAM WRECKMASTER.

WreckMaster Inc. has trained over 20,000 individuals, the largest training organization in the world. Today WreckMaster leads the way in the eyes of career professionals, with the newest methods of quick clearance and single lane recoveries.

On behalf of all WreckMasters worldwide we dedicate this page to the man who motivated us to achieve our very best Donnie Cruse – 91001